Creating test scripts

Gravity accelerates the production of end-to-end test scripts. From a session page, you can quickly get a test reproducing the sequence of actions of this session and avoid the cumbersome task of finding the right selectors you need to tell your automation framework how to interact with your frontend code.

Gravity does not handle assertions and test data yet, nor can it reuse your existing testing custom methods.

The scripts are compatible with Cypress v10.3 and further versions. We will add new compatibilities soon.

You have two available options: downloading a bootstrap project or getting a single test.

Two options of Cypress export

#Get a bootstrap project

You will get an archive file containing:

  • instructions to help you setup and execute your test
  • package.json containing the minimal dependencies
  • An e2e folder containing the test generated from the session

#Export only one test

Get the test for the current session ready to be copied into your code

The script displayed from the session page